Domestic Violence

Domestic violence- psychological & social aspects   By Dr Akmal Makhdum   Domestic violence is common.  This is a statement which is true for many societies.  It is common in countries like the UK and also common in the US.  These are societies which enjoy rich economies, high educational standards and affluence. What about societies […]

Taqiya, Jaqiya and Chaqiya

                                          Taqiya, Jaqiya and Chaqiya                                                         M Akmal Makhdum   Taqiya is a topic that appeared after 9/11, when a group of previously unknown authors suddenly started writing polemics about Islam, Prophet Muhammad and Muslims in general. The gist of these writings was that Muslims were suspect citizens of the West at least […]

Is Democracy a Practical Religious Option for Muslim Countries?

Is Democracy a Practical Religious Option for Muslim Countries?   By Dr Mohammad Akmal Makhdum   (Key: Islamic state does not mean ISIL, ISIS, Daesh or any other terrorist entity. This expression is used in a literal sense, meaning a state based on Islamic principles)   This question has become a point of religious contention […]

Alexander The [Not So] Great

ALEXANDER THE [NOT SO] GREAT Destroying the Myth of Alexander the Macedonian His Retreat from India (of today) back to Babylon His Defeat by Swati-Nuristani Republican, Free Tribes & his Death caused by Mallis of Multan By M A M (2010) Historians say that in the month of “May of 326 BC,… Alexander did not […]

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Distortions in Fantasy-reflections on After the Prophet by Lesley Hazelton By M Akmal My problem with Lesley Hazelton’s After the Prophet starts rather early, actually from the very first paragraph. From the very outset, I am struck by a series of errors in her narrative. She is creating dramatic fantasy scenarios even when historical record […]